Questions to Ask All Administrative Candidates

Administrative workers play a significant role in the success of a company. Whether it’s scheduling appointments, organizing files or providing phone support, they can take on a variety of tasks on any given day. So, of course, you’ll need to find the ideal person for the job—someone who possesses the right hard and soft skills. Here are some key questions to ask administrative candidates to learn about their employment history and experience.

What were your main responsibilities in a previous administrative position?

This is a good starting point and should quickly give you an idea of what a person’s experience level is. It will also tell you if their previous responsibilities are similar to the ones they would bring to your company.

How good are your computer skills?

Being adept with a computer isn’t an option in this position. It’s mandatory. You need to know what their level of expertise is and if it’s on par with what you’re looking for.

Which types of software and technologies are you experienced with?

Taking it one step further, ask about their familiarity with various software and technologies. For instance, you might use a customer relationship management tool or team collaboration app. If a candidate is highly skilled with it, that’s a huge plus and should give them an advantage over the others.

How much experience do you have communicating with clients and vendors?

An employee will likely be interacting with clients and vendors daily. Therefore, solid communication skills are essential. The perfect candidate will be very comfortable with this and have a significant amount of experience.

Have you interacted with the public in the past?

Although not necessary for every administrative position, many will require an employee to engage with the public on a frequent basis. If this sounds like your company, pay close attention to what a candidate’s experience is like in this department and ensure they will conduct themselves professionally and diplomatically.

There is a laundry list of questions you can ask administrative candidates. The ones listed here are by no means exhaustive but are some of the most critical for making a solid assessment. Asking these questions should ensure you select a highly skilled candidate who will thrive in your company.

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