How to Make Your Temporary Employees Feel Welcome

Settling into a new job can be difficult and overwhelming for a temporary employee. They’ve got to get up to speed and learn new tasks as well as get acquainted with their new co-workers. Here are some ways to make your temporary employees feel welcome and make the time spent at your company a positive experience.

Prepare Their Work Space

A great way to start is by properly preparing their workspace. This might include your company handbook, pens, pencils, a notebook, etc. You may also want to include some branded company items like a sticker or keychain. Having everything sorted out and ready to go ahead of time shows you’re thoughtful and ensures temporary employees have all they need to perform their job at a high level.

Introduce them to the Rest of the Office

You don’t want to force a person to figure out who everyone is and how things work on their own. This can make for an uncomfortable situation where they feel like an outsider. Instead, appoint one of your staff members to provide formal introductions. That should help break the ice and set the stage for relationship building. 

Invite them to Lunch

There’s perhaps no better way to get a new hire acclimated than inviting them to lunch with the rest of your team. This gives them a chance to get to know other team members on more of a personal level and discuss things that go beyond just work.   

Invite them to Happy Hour

Workplace team-building coach Mike Kerr talks about the impact happy hour can have on creating unity between staff members. “A happy hour connects employees and leaders on a different level, some of whom don’t typically interact on a 9-to-5 basis,” Kerr explains. This is a way to make temporary employees feel welcome and encourage team building. Just make sure everyone drinks responsibly and has a means of getting home safely.

The key to successfully onboarding temporary employees is to treat them no differently than you would a permanent hire. This should help them get started out on the right foot, build rapport with the rest of your staff and position them to succeed.

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