Why Should I Consider Temporary Work?

Temporary work may not be everyone’s first choice with an employer, but it comes with some distinct benefits that can help propel your career in the long run. Here are some reasons why you should consider temporary work.

Opportunity to Build Skills and Experience

Any time you get a new job, you’re bound to learn new things and enhance your skill set. It may be an industry you’re already familiar with where you’re able to deepen your skills, or it may be a brand new one where you have very little experience and learn a lot of new things. Whatever the case, you’re going to leave smarter and more adept with a longer list of skills than when you entered. This translates into having a more robust resume and often being more desirable to future employers.

Expand Your Network

The minute you start a temporary position, you’ll be meeting new people. You’ll be forming relationships with managers, co-workers and even customers. This is important because it gives you a great chance to expand your network, which can potentially open the door for other jobs.

Gain References

It’s always beneficial to have a list of references you can call on to verify your skills and qualifications. Many employers require candidates to list at least three references when applying for a position. If you’re new to the work world and don’t have many references, a temporary job can provide them. Even though you may only be with an employer for several weeks or a few months, the impact of having them as a reference can pay off for years to come.

A Chance to Impress an Employer

Although you can’t automatically assume a temporary job will turn into a permanent position, it’s certainly possible in some cases. If you exceed expectations and a manager is impressed with your performance, they may be interested in giving you long-term employment. In this regard, you can think of temporary work as an “audition” where you have a chance to prove yourself and why you’d make a great addition to a company.

A temp position has a lot of benefits, which aren’t always immediately obvious. So it’s important to see the big picture and understand the long-term implications. By taking the right approach, you can make the absolute most out of this working arrangement.

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