Use Social Media to Hire

Nearly seven out of every 10 Americans now has a social media account, according to the Pew Research Center. This makes social media an ideal channel for connecting with job candidates and an excellent hiring tool. Here are some specific aspects of your business you can show off with social media.

Your Positive Company Culture

Having a strong company culture is a big deal these days. In fact, research has found, “94 percent of executives and 88 percent of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success.” Many people want to know what it would be like to work at a particular business, what the environment will be like and what they can expect from co-workers.

One of the best ways to convey company culture is through social media. The pictures you post, the articles you share, the humor you inject. These are all elements that give candidates an idea of what your company is about and what your philosophy and values are.


Social media is also perfect for letting candidates know about the types of benefits you offer. Maybe you provide comprehensive healthcare coverage, maternity/paternity leave or paid holidays. Whatever the case, this can make your business a more desirable place to work.

Sharing benefits like these shows what makes your company special and why candidates want to choose you over a competitor. In fact, “79 percent of employers believe offering benefits to employees is a critical component of attracting talent.” In some cases, this can influence their decision and motivate them to apply.

Advertising Available Jobs

If you’re hiring, you can explain the details and provide a link to where people can find more information on your website or job board. This allows you to connect with followers who are already familiar with your brand or those who are just browsing.

LinkedIn and Facebook even have their own job search portals where you can post jobs where a high volume of candidates can find them. Visit LinkedIn Jobs or Facebook Business to learn more and get started.

Social media has numerous purposes. While it’s one of the top channels for marketing your company, it’s also great for hiring and can help you connect with top industry talent.

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