Why Isn’t Anyone Applying to My Job Post?

There are several critical steps in the hiring process that need to be executed correctly to find talented employees. The first of which is crafting a well-written job post. While it may seem fairly straightforward, there’s a lot that goes into it, and making common mistakes can greatly reduce your candidate pool. Here are some of the main reasons why no one is applying to your job post and how to correct the problem.  

The Job Title is Poorly Written 

Writing a job title that stands out is a key objective for most hiring managers, which is fine. However, you can end up shooting yourself in the foot if you get too cute and write something like “Rockstar Machinist Wanted!” This is problematic because your job post may get filtered out on job boards and search engines if someone was searching for “machine operator” or “manufacturing worker.” A better approach is to keep it simple and be as specific as possible with your job title.  

The Application is Too Long  

The more steps a person has to take and the more information they have to fill out, the less likely they are to complete their application. If candidates are completely exhausted halfway through filling it out, you can bet that many will simply look elsewhere. But “according to a study from recruitment company Appcast, recruiters can boost conversion rates by up to 365 percent by reducing the length of the application process to five minutes or less.” 

Applicants Can’t Find Information on Your Company  

study from LinkedIn found that not knowing enough about a business is a major obstacle for job seekers. If they enter your name in Google and nothing turns up, it can make you look less reputable, causing many would-be applicants to seek out other opportunities instead. That’s why it’s so important to build a solid online presence, including having a professional website and being active on social media. It’s also nice to have a blog so job seekers can get a feel for your company culture.  

The Pay is Below Average  

Finally, there’s the issue of low pay. Many of today’s industries are highly competitive, so having belowaverage compensation will turn many jobseekers away. That’s why you should do your research to determine what’s average for a given position in your area and do your best to match it. For instance, PayScale allows you to search by job title and location and will provide you with up-to-date information.  

Not having anyone apply to your job post can be frustrating. But understanding common issues and taking efforts to correct them should send a steady stream of applicants your way.  

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