How to Prepare for a New Job

The first day of a new job can be a time of anticipation, excitement and nervousness. Not knowing exactly what to expect and how you’ll fit in can be a little stressful. However, by taking the right steps to prepare, you should be able to make your transition a smooth one and get started out… Read More »

Overcoming Top Hiring Challenges

While hiring new employees may seem simple on paper, in reality, it can be a very complicated process. Employers must deal with a gauntlet of obstacles to acquire and retain top industry talent. Here are some of the biggest hiring challenges that employers face, and strategies for overcoming these challenges. Finding and Acquiring Top-Tier Talent… Read More »

Resume Writing: How to Properly Incorporate Keywords

The way in which employers browse through resumes and select job candidates has changed dramatically over the past decade. Rather than sifting through piles of physical resumes, many now use software and databases. To ensure that you’re not overlooked, it’s important to incorporate the right keywords into your resume. Here’s how to do so and… Read More »

Make Safety a Workplace Priority

Workplace safety is important for many reasons including staying compliant with regulations, retaining skilled employees and being more efficient. Not to mention the ethical implications. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), “an effective safety and health program can save $4 to $6 for every $1 invested. It’s the right thing to do,… Read More »

LinkedIn for Online Branding as an Active Job Seeker

Regardless of your industry and the specific position you’re applying for, the odds are good that you’re faced with many other applicants vying for the same job. Accordingly, it’s highly important to differentiate yourself from the pack. One effective way to do this is through online branding to express and communicate your unique skills, personality… Read More »

Green Bay Branch Team Member Earns CSP

Training and knowledge are two of are the hallmarks of staffing and recruiting industry professionalism. Encadria is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service possible, so we work hard educate our team members. On January 16, 2015 Tracy Messar passed the ASA’s exam and earned her Certified Staffing Professional designation. Congratulations… Read More »

Encadria Staffing Solutions Partners with Habitat for Humanity

Members of Encadria’s Downtown Atlanta team – Josh Ferrell, Tracy Williams, Janae Coffie, and Gigi Shim – volunteered with other Georgia-Pacific employees to build a home in Atlanta. We’re grateful for the opportunity to help an Atlanta family build an opportunity to help themselves.… Read More »

Lawrence Pressley Nominated for 2015 SHRM-Atlanta Pegasus Awards

Congratulation to Lawrence Pressley, CSP, Encadria Staffing Solutions at Georgia Pacific, for being nominated for the 2015 SHRM-Atlanta Pegasus Awards. Just by being nominated, he’s proven that he is a true asset to our organization and to the HR industry. The winner of the 2015 award will be announced at the 25th Annual SHRM-Atlanta HR… Read More »

Jenae Coffie is Encadria’s newest Certified Staffing Professional

Janae Coffie, one of the talented Client Service Managers on Encadria Staffing Solutions’ Atlanta team, has earned the American Staffing Association’s CSP designation. The CSP program features rigorous content focused on employment and labor law at both the federal and state levels. It is the essential credential for staffing professionals, certifying their expertise to work… Read More »

Hiring Decisions – When Is the Right Time to Hire

Let’s face it, in many businesses payroll is one the largest (if not the largest) line item on your monthly budgets. So, it can sometimes be a very difficult decision to add on more staff. BUT, in some cases adding staff strategically can help drive a lot of profit to your bottom line. So when… Read More »