Job Rejection: What’s Next?

Dealing with job rejection can be potentially painful and a major blow to your confidence. Nonetheless, it’s something that almost every job seeker will experience at some time or another. Fortunately, if you handle it the right way, you can often turn a negative into a positive and use it as an opportunity to improve… Read More »

How Temporary Workers Benefit Your Workforce

The way today’s workforce is run is considerably different than it was a few decades ago, and traditional employees are being replaced more and more by temporary workers. In fact, Biz 3.0 reports “since the official end of the Great Recession, the number of temporary workers has substantially risen by more than 50 percent to 2.7… Read More »

How to Answer the Prompt, “Tell Me About Yourself” During an Interview

Of all the interview questions that job candidates face, one of the most common is the classic, “tell me about yourself.” While at first glance, this question seems simple enough, but many people get tripped up and set the wrong tone by not giving a solid answer. Below are some tips for preparing an elevator… Read More »

Are You Looking to Hire Top Finance Talent?

Finding and hiring highly talented employees in the finance sector is often easier said than done – and you may not have the time to sift through mounds of resumes to find the right candidate. Fortunately, working with a staffing partner can be a big help and pinpoint the ideal employee for your company. Let’s take… Read More »

Know How You Will Make an Impact

Showing your recruiter that you’re the right candidate for a job and how you’ll make a positive impact on the company are both important. When you’re able to tangibly prove your worth, eliminate any doubt a recruiter may have and stand out from other candidates, your odds of landing a job increase significantly. Here are… Read More »

Is Your Team Suffering From Attrition?

Attrition is defined as “the reduction in staff and employees in a company through normal means, such as retirement and resignation.” Whenever your business gradually loses employees and there are no substitutes to take their place, this results in workforce attrition. Let’s look at some reasons why this phenomenon occurs and how to prevent it.… Read More »

A Letter to Our Employees | Encadria Staffing Solutions

  You are the key to our success…….. Make no mistake; we know our employees are the key to our success and that without you we can’t be in business.   This means that in each interaction within our process, you deserve our best.   As a Koch Industries company, our vision clearly defines the role of… Read More »

Workplace Ergonomics For Your Team

The concept of ergonomics has received a lot of attention lately because of the impact it can have on a light industrial workplace. According to the OMCIS Publishing Group, “industrial ergonomics could be defined as the branch of science that aims at achieving an optimal fitting of the work environment and job activities to the… Read More »

Avoidable Interview Mistakes

Nailing a job interview and impressing your recruiter isn’t always easy, and even the most seasoned job candidates make mistakes. The problem is that doing the wrong things can really hurt your chances and squander a perfectly good opportunity. But fortunately, many mistakes are avoidable, and planning ahead of time should prevent you from making… Read More »

The Benefits of Temporary Work Experience

While traditional, full time jobs make up the vast majority of employment, temporary jobs are on the rise. According to CareerBuilder, “temporary help services were among the first industries to add jobs when the recession officially ended, growing 15 percent from 2009 to 2010 and 57 percent from 2009 to 2014.” Although some people are reluctant… Read More »