The Importance of a Complete LinkedIn Profile for Job Seekers

As the world becomes more and more tech oriented, job seekers and recruiters are turning to online resources like LinkedIn. In fact, Search Engine Journal reports “94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates – and not only is LinkedIn use increasing with millennials, it’s also become the go-to service for professionals of all ages.” But to truly get the most out of this network, it’s important to have a complete profile – and here’s why.

Recruiters Can Find You Easier

On the most basic level, the more information you include on your LinkedIn profile, the greater the chances of recruiters finding you. By thoroughly filling it out and including your location, industry, education, skills, experience, etc., there are numerous ways that recruiters can track you down and ultimately get in touch.

And by being highly detailed, they’ll be able to quickly assess you as a job candidate – and if you meet their criteria, you’ve got a reasonable chance of landing a job. So when you break it all down, LinkedIn does much of the work for you as long as you put in adequate time and energy into your profile.  

It Conveys Professionalism

The impression that a recruiter gets from looking at your social media presence can often make or break you. With a quick glance, they will formulate an opinion and decide on whether or not they would be interested in bringing you on board with their company. If when landing on your profile they find that it’s barren and missing big chunks of information, then it’s probably not going to do you any favors as it’s going to convey a sense of unprofessionalism. On the other hand, a profile that’s thoroughly filled out with detailed information highlighting your experience and skill set will speak highly of you, and you’ll seem more professional.

SEO Benefits

An additional advantage that might not be so obvious pertains to search engine results. According to Search Engine Journal, “LinkedIn bests other social networks and stands alone” in terms professional networking. It also tends to get consistently high rankings within Google’s search results, and by including “a professional photo, catchy headline, contact information, a vanity URL, a compelling summary and samples of your work,” you can stand out and get found via Google search.   

When it comes to being active on LinkedIn, it’s important that you’re thorough when filling out your profile and include all pertinent information. By doing so, you can bridge the gap between you and recruiters, which often makes the difference between landing a job or not.

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