6 Ways To Win Your Temporary Job Assignment

 When you have a temporary job, it’s a great way to get to know the inner workings of a company, all without commitment. If you’ve decided it’s a place where you’d like to snag a full-time role, what steps can you take to get there? Here are six tips for turning your temporary job into a more permanent… Read More »

Workplace Safety is Shifting: Find Out How

The workplace has changed dramatically in just the past 10 years alone. There’s a huge boost in mobility, with employees distributed in various parts of the region or even the country. Communication can, therefore, sometimes be a factor in diminished safety.   Here are four ways how to ensure it stays a priority at your company:  Embrace the… Read More »

5 Skills You Didn’t Know You Had

When you’re applying for your first full-time job or you are entering a new field, it’s easy to feel intimidated. Lack of work experience in your industry can feel like a huge obstacle to overcome. The good news? You’ve built a lot of transferable skills over the years – skills that employers are looking for in new… Read More »

Resume Help: Filling The Gaps

If you are ready to embark on a job search but you have gaps in your work history, don’t panic. In today’s market, it is common for applicants to have gaps. People often take time off to raise children, care for a sick relative, or attend school. They may have been laid off, or they could work in… Read More »

7 Tips To Increase Workplace Productivity

Productivity is essential to the bottom line in every business, no matter its size. Continual improvement requires leaders to continually look for practical ways to maximize output. Here are seven tips you can use to start increasing workplace productivity today.  1. Improve Training Processes   Ongoing training helps employees to improve and grow continuously over time. Training should be… Read More »

Why We Need More Women In Manufacturing

It’s no secret that women have been historically underrepresented in the manufacturing industry. From floor employees through technical roles and leadership, men still dominate the field. Industry insiders of all genders agree that things need to change and more women should consider careers in manufacturing. Here are some reasons why it’s so important to have more women in… Read More »

How to Keep Up Morale on the Warehouse Floor

Warehouse work is both physically and mentally taxing. Temperatures can be extreme, the pressure is high and workers put their bodies through a lot in an eight-hour or longer shift.  The stress of warehouse work can lead to decreased morale, burnout and even employee turnover. Here are some tips you can use to keep morale high on… Read More »