What Are Soft Skills and How Can They Help Me Stand Out When Applying

When you are applying for a job, it’s important to show your skills, experience and knowledge so that hiring managers know you meet the demands of the job. But those skills are only one piece of the puzzle. Today, employers are looking for much more. They want to know that you will also be a great team member and… Read More »

How To Stand Out In an Entry-Level Job When You Have No Experience

Whether you are just out of school or you are starting a new career path, finding that first job can be tough. Employers say they want someone with relevant experience but of course, that’s the one thing you lack. However, a great job is out there for you if you know how to approach your search. Use… Read More »

Why We Need More Women In Manufacturing

It’s no secret that women have been historically underrepresented in the manufacturing industry. From floor employees through technical roles and leadership, men still dominate the field. Industry insiders of all genders agree that things need to change and more women should consider careers in manufacturing. Here are some reasons why it’s so important to have more women in… Read More »

How to Keep Up Morale on the Warehouse Floor

Warehouse work is both physically and mentally taxing. Temperatures can be extreme, the pressure is high and workers put their bodies through a lot in an eight-hour or longer shift.  The stress of warehouse work can lead to decreased morale, burnout and even employee turnover. Here are some tips you can use to keep morale high on… Read More »

Are You More Qualified for the Job Than You Think?

Job searches are hard work. Not only are there many steps involved and a lot of stress, but there isn’t one single position that seems like the ideal fit for you.   The good news? There’s no such thing as the perfect job and you can still apply for positions even if you don’t meet every single requirement. In fact,… Read More »

5 Workplace Safety Tips You’ve Been Ignoring

In your industrial job, you’re constantly busy with new orders coming in and existing ones going out the door. In all that flurry of activity, it can be easy to cut corners when it comes to safety. However, doing so can have big consequences in the form of an injury or accident. To ensure that doesn’t happen… Read More »

Hate Your Job? Start Fresh in the New Year

It’s a New Year and an ideal time to take a step back and take stock of your career. If, in the process, you’re thinking a move might be in your future, here are a few reasons to consider a different opportunity:  You’re Bored and Coasting In other words, you can do your job in… Read More »

2020 Manufacturing Industry Predictions 

The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, thanks to factors from technology to new regulations and more. It can sometimes be hard to keep up. To help you navigate your way through the New Year, here’s a look at some of the biggest predictions for 2020 manufacturing trends nationwide and how they can impact your workforce: … Read More »

Workplace Safety for Industrial Workers

Working in an industrial setting comes with a distinct set of dangers. Some of the main ones include slips, trips and falls, overexertion, repetitive motion injuries and equipment injuries. Here are some key tips for staying safe while on the job.  Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings  One of the biggest dangers is simply not… Read More »

What if I Can’t Find the Perfect Match for a Job Opening?

When sifting through candidates for a job opening, you’ll naturally want to find the person who’s the best fit. But sometimes recruiters get hung up on finding the perfect match — so much so that it hurts the hiring process. Here are the details and what you should do if you can’t find the ideal… Read More »