What to Look for in a Customer Service Candidate

High-level customer service and business success go hand in hand. In fact, “73 percent of companies with ‘above average’ customer experience maturity perform better financially than their competitors.” Therefore, it’s critical you know what to look for when hiring a customer service candidate. Here are some specific traits to focus on. Great Communication Smooth interactions… Read More »

Do You Have a Positive Reputation at Work?

There are several factors that contribute to your success at work. But you could argue one of the biggest is your reputation. “The most important career capital you have isn’t your technical skills or academic pedigree,” writes women’s leadership author and speaker Selena Rezvani. “It’s not your high-flying title. It’s not even your relationships …… Read More »

How to Encourage Collaboration

Workplace collaboration offers a host of benefits. Some of which include improved relationships, increased productivity and more efficiency. But when there’s a lack of collaboration, it can really hurt your company. In fact, 86 percent of corporate executives, employees and educators consider a lack of collaboration a key reason for workplace failures. Here are some… Read More »

Do You Need More Sleep?

Not getting enough sleep is all too common for many Americans. In fact, the CDC reports that a third of U.S. adults get less than the recommended seven hours per night. They also add that failing to get enough sleep can have some serious long-term health consequences such as depression, heart disease and type 2… Read More »

5 Ways to Fight Procrastination

No matter how disciplined you are, procrastination can still sneak up on you in the workplace. When it does, your productivity can take a hit, and it can potentially create problems between you and your manager. Here are five surefire ways to fight procrastination and be a better employee. Set a Goal Having a specific… Read More »

How to Prepare Your Workforce for Millennials

The number of millennials in the workplace has grown significantly in recent years. According to the Pew Research Center, “Millennials are expected to overtake boomers in population in 2019 as their numbers swell to 73 million and boomers decline to 72 million.” This generation has a different work style, goals and skills, which you should… Read More »

Four Skills That Great Leaders Have in Common

Sound leadership is something that seems to be lacking these days. A recent study found that nearly one in three employees don’t trust their employers. And that’s a big problem that can take a toll on morale, productivity and profitability. Here are four of the top skills well-respected managers have, so you’ll know how to… Read More »

How Your Attitude Impacts Your Team

Company leaders carry a lot of sway in the workplace. Your attitude and overall approach to management impacts the rest of your team on many different levels. Let’s now discuss the importance of being positive and how this type of mindset can help your business thrive. A Positive Attitude Goes Farther Than a Negative One… Read More »

Is Your Workforce Engaged?

Employee engagement is one of the most important metrics for your business. After all, it affects multiple areas like productivity, efficiency, profitability and culture. For this post, we’ll look at some of the specific benefits that engagement has and how to find engaged employees right off the bat. The Value of an Engaged Workforce Research… Read More »

Could Mentorships Benefit Your Workforce?

Many companies are choosing to implement a workplace mentoring program and having great success with it. It’s something that can positively impact your business on many levels. For this post, we’ll discuss the importance of ongoing training and learning and the ways mentorships can benefit your workforce. Streamlined Onboarding Employee onboarding is something you want… Read More »